MGT Game Night - Why Haven't We Done This Sooner?

The turnout was spectacular for our first MGT Game Night in NYC.  In the short 4-5 hours we had to play games, nearly 30 people joined us at Common Ground in the East Village to play games of The Resistance, Wits & Wagers, Cards Against Humanity, Fiasco, Carcassone, Zombie Dice, and even a little Celebrities!

Troy and Drew say, " CARCASSONE!"

Troy and Drew say, " CARCASSONE!"

The night started off with Beth, Tim, Laura, Annie, and Brenna clamoring for a game of Cards Against Humanity.  They were under way before 7:30pm, when Brian, Marisa, Maceo, and Ian learned (and loved!) Zombie Dice.  By 8pm the tables were full with the Zombie Dice crew moving on to a rousing game of Wits & Wagers, won by the witty wagering mind of AJ.  In the corner table (for the strategy nerds), Drew and Troy held a tutorial to teach Sam, Erica, Jason, and Alex how to play Carcassone.

By the time the first round of games was over, people were making new friends, and boldly conquering new gaming horizons.  The Cards Against Humanity crew finally had enough of the funny, and were ready to get more serious.  They learned The Resistance and while it seemed a little too complicated at first, they quickly caught on and realized it was BLAST!  Patrick and Matthew joined Tim and the rest of the ladies to try to determine who the spies were in their midst, while Ari shifted over to Caitlin's tutorial of Settlers of Catan.

Ari thinks, "I literally have no idea what this piece does."  Caitlin plans the slow destruction of her students.

Ari thinks, "I literally have no idea what this piece does."  Caitlin plans the slow destruction of her students.

Caitlin, Ari, Marie, and Ashley had a nice loooong game of Settlers that, inevitably, ended with Caitlin the tutor walking away with the win (shocker).  But it's always that second game of Settlers when you really start to figure out how to get the edge on your competition.  Wits & Wagers passed to the Carcassone table, who were ready for a little relaxation after a close game!  They were joined by Leila and Nicole, and Troy walked away with the, if you ask him, "one million points."

Next to them, our Zombie Dice crew from earlier, now finished with Wits & Wagers, moved on to the RPG special guest of the night...FIASCO!  Learning as they played, Brian, Ian, Maceo, and Marisa created what can only be described as a complete Fiasco, with Ian dying early and coming back as a Penguin, and his own words...playing the role of "a lesbian demolition expert who set fire to the Antarctic coastline with helicopter fuel."  Awesome.

Ian, Maceo, Brian, and Marisa play Fiasco.  Character sheets on Post-It that's bar gaming.

Ian, Maceo, Brian, and Marisa play Fiasco.  Character sheets on Post-It that's bar gaming.

Just when we thought the night couldn't get any better, the late night crew arrived!  Coming after 10:30pm were the folks that had other events that night, but managed to fit in a visit, and in some cases a quick game!  Erin, Matt, Sarah, Ali, and Mike came ready to buy some beers and learn some games.  Erin acted as tutor for this one and introduced Mike, Ali, and Matthew to Forbidden Island...a 4 player cooperative game by the designer of Pandemic.

Patrick, Annie, Beth, and Laura try their poker face in a game of The Resistance.  Which one's the spy??

Patrick, Annie, Beth, and Laura try their poker face in a game of The Resistance.  Which one's the spy??

All in all, we couldn't have asked for a better night.  The tables were roomy, the beer was cold, the bartenders were awesome, and the games were exciting.  One side of the room would be shouting, cheering and laughing, while the other side stared intently at a gameboard, working out their path to victory.  An hour later, games would change hands, and the roles would be reversed.  There was a great flow to the night that helped to inlcude everyone in some way...those that came early and left early, those that came late, and those the stayed the whole time...everyone got to do at least a little gaming.  In the end, people met each other that never would have met otherwise, and played games they probably never would have played if they hadn't taken a chance on coming out.  And most of those people loved the new games they learned and couldn't wait to come back.  Mission accomplished.

Lookout for the next MGT Game Night!  Coming soon...

Winning the PAX East Game - Appendix B: Panels By Topic

Inside Game Companies

  • Friday 1::00pm FF Panel (Naga)
  • Friday 1:00pm Rooster Teeth (Main)
  • Friday 4:30 The Future of D&D (Corgi)*
  • Saturday 12:00 Irrational Games (Phoenix)+
  • Saturday 1:00 The Making of Dust (NAGA)*
  • Saturday 3:00 Fuse (Insomniac’s Game) (Phoenix)
  • Saturday 3:30 DayZ Panel (Wyvern)
  • Sunday 11:30 Doublefine Adventure! (Merman)+

Hi My Name is Luke Crane,  I’m Kind of a Big Deal (Panels Featuring Designer Luke Crane).

  • Friday 12:30 We make and publish our own games...AND it’ srad (TT)
  • Friday 2:00 The future of RPG design and publishing (TT)
  • Friday 6:00 RPGs are awesome (CORGI)
  • Saturday 3:30 The Campaign Doctors (Merman)*

I Do Head Shots Just to Feel Something. (Public Service Panels)

  • Friday 2:00 Its dangerous to go alone take this panel (wyvern)
  • Friday 3:00 We accept you...just don’t use the bathroom (Corgi)
  • Friday 4:00 Rethinking game addiction (Sphinx)
  • Friday 5:30 What’s your gamer type? (Sphinx)
  • Saturday 10:30 Blending games and life: Showing your passion (Merman)
  • Saturday 12:30 Sports and the benefits of gaming (Wyvern)
  • Saturday 2:30 Videogames and Ethics (Sphinx)
  • Saturday 5:00 Mental Health and Video Games (Merman)
  • Saturday 7:00 Violence, Video games and children (Sphinx)
  • Sunday 10:00 Fighting your inner demons Dealing with depression (Merman)
  • Sunday 1:00 You game like a girl (Naga)
  • Sunday 2:00 Sex and (non) Violence (TT)
  • Sunday 3:00 Help, I think my wizard is transgendered (Corgi)

Obviously Bowser hates Mario. He done did genocide on most of his people. (Education and Gaming...For the Children in The New Millenium)

  • Friday 3:30pm Design to do Good (Wyvern)
  • Friday 5:30 Does education need some stinking badges (Merman)Saturday 1:00pm Teaching Outside Aperture Science (Sphinx)
  • Sunday 11:00am Education Gamerfication (TT)
Um, yeah. It was on my RSS feed (Gaming Culture)
  • Friday 8:30 Dungeon World: Make stuff (Sphinx)
  • Friday 9:00 Giant Bomb (Phoenix)*
  • Saturday 10:00 Do JRPGs still matter? (Naga)
  • Saturday 12:00 Geeks get a +5 to crafting (Corgi)
  • Saturday 1:30 Practical Game Theory (TT)*
  • Saturday 2:00 Mass Effect- a retrospective (MAIN)
  • Saturday 4:00 Wood for Sheep: The What and Why of Board Game Culture (Sphinx)
  • Saturday 5:00 The fighting game community from niche to worldwide phenomenon (Arachnid)
  • Saturday 6:00 Improving Player Behavior in LOL (Phoenix)
  • Sunday 12:30 Gamers With Jobs -- Why We Game. (Arachnid)

No I’m not irresponsible. I’m just the cool dad. (Geek Parenting)

  • Friday 5:30 Parents as Characters (Arachnid)
  • Sunday 10:00 Geek Parenting (Wyvern)*
  • Sunday 4:00 Parenting and Video Games (Merman)

Dude, I could make a better game than this (Game Design, Publication, and Marketing)

  • Friday 1:00 Get hired in video game marketing (Arachnid)
  • Friday 2:30 Want a good story in your game? Get an Indie! (Merman)
  • Friday 3:30 Worldbuilding 101 (TT)
  • Friday 5:00 House rules: Taking games one step further (TT)
  • Friday 6:30 Game Design Workshop (TT)*
  • Friday 7:00 Twister Tales: Breaking into Gaming and Partying on! (Arachnid)
  • Friday 8:00 No, the Monkey Should Have a Chainsaw (Arachnid)*
  • Saturday 12:30pm Why would you WANT to be a Videogame Journalist (Arachnid)*
  • Saturday 6:00 Fantasy to Reality: Turning a Homebrew into a Published Setting (TT)*
  • Sunday 11:30 Pitch your Game Idea (Sphinx)
  • Sunday 2:30 Turning Your Gaming Passion into Profits (Merman)

Penny Arcade Panels

  • Friday 11:30am Penny Arcade Q&A #1 (Main)
  • Friday 2:30pm Strip Search (Men’s Room) ;) (“Arachnid”)
  • Saturday 10:30am Penny Arcade Make-A-Strip (Main)
  • Sunday 10:30am Gabe & Tycho Signing (Queue Room)
  • Sunday 2:00pm Penny Arcade Q&A #2 (Main)

Rusty Iron Daggers (Miscellaneous Loot)

  • Saturday 8:30pm Retro Games Roadshow (Naga)
  • Saturday 9:30pm Cards Against Humanity (Wyvern)*
  • Saturday 9:00pm The Escapist Movie Night (MerMAN, Dad...merMAN)
  • Sunday 11:00am Who Wants to Be a Nintendoaire (Arachnid)*
  • Sunday 2:30pm How to Play Pinball (Naga)*

*MGT Recommends

Winning the PAX East Game - Appendix C: Tournament Extras

Regrettably, we were unable to fit all of the details for the more complicated tournament and freeplay games onto our Quick Reference Guide.   Here are links to comprehensive info on the following:

Table Top Miniature War Games

Magic: The Gathering

Here is a breakdown of the Console Tourney details:

While the tournament start times are available on your MGT Quick Reference Sheet, the details for entry caps, bracketing, console, and sign-up requirements are listed below:

Persona 4 Arena
32 Players

Budokai HD Collection - Budokai 3
32 Players
No Custom Builds
World Tournament Ring only.

Lumines Live!
32 Players

Soul Calibur 5
32 Players

NBA Jam On Fire
32 Players

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Ultimate
64 Players

4-way Free for all
32 Players

Kirby's Dream Collection: Mini Games
4-way Free for all
64 Players

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
128 Players, divided into two groups of 64. The second group will start two hours later. You'll know which group you're in when you sign up.

Chasing Aurora
5-way Free for all. Not a typo. That's right, 5.
80 Players

Trials: Evolution
Supercross Only
4-way Free for all
64 Players

Geometry Wars 2
Deadline Only
4-way Free for all
64 Players

Puzzle Bobble
32 Players

Tetris Attack
32 Players

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition
64 Players

Twisted Metal Black
4-way Free for all
32 Players

Halo 4
4-way Free for all
64 Players

4-way team battle, 3 players per team
48 Players
Please sign up as a team.

Beautiful Katamari
32 Players

Virtual On OT
32 Players

Pac Man Championship Edition DX
32 Players


Details on PC Tournaments from the Penny Arcade Forums:

PAX East 2013 PC Tournament Schedule


Type: 1v1/Free For All/Time Trials

Format: Feed The Beast

Player Cap: 100

Starts: Friday at 8PM, Check-In 7PM

Counter-Strike: Global Offense
Type: 5v5 Teams
Format: Defusal
Player Cap: 160
Players Per Team: 5
Max Teams: 32
Mode: Single Elimination
Starts: Saturday at 2PM, Check-In 1PM

Type: Free For All
Format: 1,000 Frag
Player Cap: 100
Starts: Saturday at 9PM, Check-In 8PM

Type: 3v3 Teams
Format: Elite Mode
Player Cap: 96
Players Per Team: 3
Max Teams: 32
Mode: Single Elimination
Starts: Sunday at 1PM, Check-In 12PM

Details on the Hand Held Tourney Info from the Penny Arcade Forums:

All sign ups begin Friday morning when doors open.
This year we're putting aside the pick-a-first-round method. Just your standard start times means more games for you!
Please bring your own device for the tournament! Unfortunately we don't have any to loan out.
Your own copy of the game is needed unless otherwise stated. Very few copies for some games are available on first come, first serve basis.
Every tournament will have at least 64 slots open. In the event of an odd number of players, we'll make it work!
When in doubt, as an Enforcer at the HH desk! We don't bite.

Mario Kart 7 : Friday 3/22/13 @ 2:30pm : Nintendo 3DS

We here at PAX run a clean race. We also run an easy race! If you're new to it, this just means grand prix races with random courses and no character or car restrictions. See? Easy peasy. All you have to do is bring your A game and those thumb callouses you've been working on.

Star Fox 64 3D : Friday 3/22/13 @ 6:30pm : Nintendo 3DS

Nostalgia plus new game play? Awwww yeah, good times. Every round you'll be flying 'til you can't in dogfights. Best 2 of 3 moves on to the following round. Have fun going against old friends and new! (Unless they play as Slippy. You know why.)

Spaceteam : Saturday 3/23/13 @ 5:30pm : iPad/iPad Mini/iPhone

Do you enjoy hurtling through the cold embrace of the universe, in a ship doing its best to fall apart, while trying not to create a HR nitemare because Jim in communications can't get his act together? Have we got the tournament for you. Oh, and I hope you like a couple modes you haven't played before. You'll get the full details day of. Just be prepared for fun!

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed : Saturday 3/23/13 @ 1:30pm : PlayStation Vita

*Seeeegaaaaaaaaaa* You wouldn't think the world's favorite blue hedgehog needed a car for racing, but I guess he wanted to give his buddies a fair chance. We'll be running basic grand prix races for each round without any vehicle, course, or character restrictions. Don't have to be the first off the line, just the first to cross it!

Mario Kart DS @ 11:30am/Tetris DS @ 4:30pm : Sunday 3/24/13 : Nintendo DS/DSi(XL)/3DS(XL)

We're taking a day to play two of our forever favorites. We're focusing on fun, but there are still medals to win. Rules will be the same as ever. If you're not sure, just ask at the desk!